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can u take off a visor from a paintball helmet, and put it on the MC's helmet...cause i dont kno where 2 get the visors from besides the internet...
Go to a bike shop, they sell tons of motorcycle stuff, or use a paintball mask, but make sure it's a fall faced mask, or else it wont fit.
Paint ball helmets usually have those pieces that come up over your nose. My suggestion is to use a visor from an old motorcycle helmet. If you don't have one I'm sure you know someone who does. Cause I have a old motorcycle helmet laying right here.
I have seen full faced paintball helmets for 50 dollars or less, expensive and crappier than a motorcycle visor, but it would work, if your lazy to order from online and want to spend more...then yiou gotta buy tinting film for more money to tint the visor gold...

Searh HJC visor.

Click buy it now.


Be happy when it comes in the mail.
In another thread I saw that you can get gold tint from napa auto parts or use gold transparency to make your visor look more like master chief's.
True, but gold tinting film is sometimes hard to find, I guess if he were to buy some tint film, he could use a 2 liter bottle, I'm going to test this 2 liter method to see if it looks ok, if it does I may use it myself and save 23 dollars.
I've a visor a guy put that gold tint on...part of it looks okay...and the main part when you look through it, is so messed up, so full of itty bitty bubbles that everything is blurry, seriously blurry...
Well, they gold tint the HJC helmets and you can see perfectly through them, It's the quality of tint you get and how you put it in, using a heatgun helps.
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