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Hey guys, question for the Aussie regiment, what kind of material/where can I buy visor plastic fairly locally (quick postage and not from China/US). What's the best thickness of petg for simple visor template cutting and heat shaping? The last supplier I bought through is out of stock and I've got an upcoming local con I want to make and the last piece I need for my suit is the plastic. Any information would be great thanks, I'm going to test using covid face shields and see how that goes because going with thicker visors doesn't work .
Not an Aussie, and this is a US supplier I believe, but I ran into a similar issue trying to get PETG myself. I'm stationed in South Korea at the moment and I couldn't find anyone that shipped here except McMaster-Carr. Normally Amazon works great but for some reason PETG is rare as gold when shipping overseas. Shipping wasn't Amazon levels cheap, but the quality was solid and worked great. For my visor I used 1/16" thick, but I wouldn't recommend it. Definitely too thick, it worked but wasn't easy to get to shape to the buck. Ended up having to raise the buck off my vacuform table to get it to form to the lower edge of the buck properly, which then was a total pain to remove. If you decide to use them, the SKU for 1/32" is 85815K221 and would work a lot better. Probably not ideal but they seem to ship pretty much anywhere, might work as a last resort.
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