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Well first is that I got two motorcycle helmet visors for that realistic visor, but how am I going to fasten it in my helmet? There isn't much of anywhere to hotglue it, how did other people do it?

Also, why am I not allowed to make a new topic in the Pepakura section? I was gone for like 3 weeks so did the rules get changed around or something while I was away?
Fastening the visor can be done literally by anything. I plan on using velcro, simply because I can take the visor off and place it back in so I can see outside clearly whenever I really need to.

To post in the other sections, we now require 50 posts. I had this problem but I read the new details under the 'Noob Forum' header.
Although im still trying to get materials for pepakura (Or how ever you spell it) I think the best way to hold the visor in place would be either

A.) Velcro like stated by bLiNdzOr


B.) I was thinking of useing hot glue or super glue of some sorts. IF i were to use that Id 1st resin/papermache the inside a littel where teh Visor would go, that way the hot glue or what ever doesnt ruin the helmet

Good luck
Personally, I'm going to hot glue mine (because it sets fast) then strengthen it with craft glue. I'm not actually using the motorcycle visor. I'm just using a sheet of polycarbonate. But make sure it is in securely becuase It might flex a bit and slowly pull apart crappy glue.
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