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ok, I have looked through several topics, and I need to know what the most halo-looking visor would be, I need something under 30 bucks. Also, I know that one can use two visors to create the pattern as mentioned in a tut somewhere on here, but is there any other way? like maybe applying bondo or something else to create the pattern, I imagine a thin pattern of lines around the helm wouldn't do too much to visibility.

Also, what is the best method to get a visor that is strong enough to be used in paintball matches, and looks just like the master chief visor. For this, price isn't really an issue as this is so that I know what my options are. I gotta order within several days if I want to get what I would need by halloween.
The only helmets that are halo looking are the hjc gold tinted visors off ebay, 38 dollars, cutting requires two, 80 dollars.
alright, but what about buying one visor? would it still have the reflective property, and stregth to stand up in a paintball match? also, would I be able to mod the visor somehow so that it had the pattern? I may buy 2 visors depending on what money I can scrape together, as this is already getting pretty expencive, but I need to know what a cheaper option would be just in case.
Dont use the armor in a paintball match it will break and warp and you will be upset you spent over 100 dollars for 1 day which ended in you upset about you broke the armor, only thick plastic armor can be used in paintball, I do paintballing once in a while and I know from experience that you running around diving, and ducking for cover would be so rough on the armor you'd break it within 5 minutes of game start.

If you want the pattern, You could try packing tape, the clear kind, and cut it in that pattern and lay over the visor, theres no way with 1 visor you can get the perfect look.
what about a soddering gun? Do you think if I somehow melted the pattern into the visor it might work?

Also, I have been playing for 5 years, so I know paintball is rough, but I read somewhere that two layers of fiberglass can stand up in a match, IDK how strong fiberglass is, but I know they use it in some military parts so...meh?
No paintball in costume armor.

No one will approve of this officially due to liability. You're on your own.
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