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i've heard about using old plastic bottles for a visor and i was wondering if

a) can this be done
b) how can this be done
c)would it be a decent quality
I do not see why not. If you cut out the middle of a 2 liter bottle, that would probably give you enough material. Just cut around the top and bottom and then make a vertical cut. You could use a heat gun to shape the plastic into a visor shape and then cut to fit like any other visor. This would yield a clear visor, of course. You could use that VHT Nite-Shades paint to get a black tinted visor though. I have also read about people using Krylon X-Metals paint to get other colored visors.


IVE DONE THIS! Works good for the ODST visors :) You need either a vac former or a heat gun, and then you can make it do anything you want.


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Need some more substance on this like a picture or two of it being done or at least more description.


@King Ramna the VHT Nightshades is a spray on tint, check out this thread

@adam4472 Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, and various other hardware stores should carry them. Check Walmart too, they might

@dajdog1 The method is probably pretty similiar to the method used in the thread i posted above with the exception of using a heat gun to soften the plastic enough so that you can remove/ reduce its tendency to curl. I'd also add a step about using superglue to glue the pieces together.
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