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i didnt know where to post this but i though id chuck it in here anyway. what i want to know is hoe do you guys attach your visors? on my previous projects i just glued it in but it looked messy, took a long time, and the results were terrible. there was glue running over the visor and it wasnt stuck to it properly. If you look at Seans and Adams ect. the visor appears to fit snugly. theres no gaps between the helmet and the visor. so how do you guys put them in?.... or do you build around the visor? :Steve:
Mine is attached with plastic thumbscrews from the inside, so it fits snugly and can be removed for cleaning/replacement.

Look at this image, you can see the attachments. They are the big white screw heads at left, right, bottom, and top.

yeah that looks good. But can you think of somthing if your on a budget...
well, no, can i put this? is there any other methods to intall a visor?
Sure... like you did before.

just glue it in but it will look messy, take a long time, and the results will be terrible.

There isn't a big investment here. You can get the plastic thumbscrews and nuts at home depot for maybe $10...

Hot glue?
You could always use silicone instead of glue.

But a box of plastic thumbscrews is not expensive either.

Edit: sorry Sean, you beat me to it
yeah but.... my helmet was made on pep than i gaveit a few coats of resin, so if i were to put thoes screws in theyd probrably go through the helmet :roll:
Black silicone or gasket sealer will probably be what you're wanting then.

It's pretty cheap too. Take a look at my H1 helmet or the NAS helms to see what it looks like and if it's what you need.
Yeah, but I doubt it would stay. I would go with very, very well done hot glue if your good. The screws are the best for a good fiberglass or plastic helmet.
Yeah, resined helmets (like mine is going to be) are going to be a serious challenge to install a visor. Anyone ever vaccumform armor?
My visor was a bit big (a few inches) for my helmet. The good thing is though that it was very bendable and fit right in when I pushed it in there. I can take it out fairly easily, and the sheer tension of it being inside the helmet keeps it in place.

If that is how your visor fits, you should have too much of a problem putting it inside with velcro or something. You will generally have to keep it from moving a whole lot, but it will stay inside at least. I am probably going to go home and try to make a hot glue holder for the ends of my visor, to keep it in the right orientation in the helmet.

Just my experience with it so far if that helps you.
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