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Geez. :roll: I know this questions been asked a million times. But will you bear with me for the millionth and one? ive searched the forums for visors, but with little success. i need somthing thats not above 10$ and is flexible. Like visor tinter or somthing similar. Also, I have no Idea how to attach it to my up-and-coming mached' helmet.

Any Suggestions? Any help at all will be much apprecitated.
like a coffee can? i need somthing i can see thru, but not into it. but thanks for the suggestions. ill look into it.

Edit: will the trans. be reflective or just yellow? i know i sound anal :roll: but im tryin for a reflective visor look
Get a transparency (Those thin plastic papers used in schools to draw lessons and stuff on). Go over it with orange or yellow sharpie until it's fully colored. Next, so only you can see out of it, and no one can see in, spray one side with Glass Frosting.
If you're trying to find a visor at bare bones, try eBAy, you might find one cheaper than you think.

Otherwise you can buy acetate gels (like color transparencies) that approximate the color of the visor, but they won't be reflective. But they would fit your budget.
Sorry TheBlue if I use your thread, but I have a question on visors too.

Which visor size fit best on the Pep. Helmet? I don't have the tools to cut the visor so I need 1 who fits on the helmet.

NB: When I'm talking of sizes, I mean like CL-40, this kind of stuff.
use polycarbonate sheet from a hoby shop
this method is used in model airplane wind shields
you can get a prefect size sheet adout 1/16 in thick for $4
make a plaster paris mold with whatever pattern you want on it
let it set
polish (sand with fine grit)
throw it in the oven on low for 5 mins
pull it out then set the poly carb on it
makes a real nice fit if you flange the edges
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