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Okay, I know there are many topics about visors and what materials should be used on a tight budget, but none of them have given me very solid answers. I'm on a very restricted budget and using Pepakura for the suit (I have the helmet done so far, reinforcing is also another problem). I have looked at some motorcycle helmet visors, but they are a bit expensive for me and I don't know if the size I order will fit the helmet. Are there any methods for creating a visor or any materials you know that would work? :eye:
flexible plastic cutting board if you wanna b really cheap. theyr thin and only semi see throu but hell yu want cheap theyr like $5
take some kind of clear plastic and then go to walmart or somethin and go to the car detail department. over by the sporting goods in alot of them. there should be window tint in one of the aisles. get one that is 2.5 or 5%. it's the darkest there is. you can see out but they can't see in. only thing is it's black and not gold so if you want to be accurate to the helmet it won't help but if you don't much care or you just want it to be temporary while you find some kind of gold foil you can use it. the window tint stuff just peels off so if you get money for somethin else you can take it out. i think that you can get mylar that is thin enough to see through but i haven't actually looked for it. mylar is the stuff that you make the shiny balloons that they sell at party supply stores that have the words on them. if you can find any of that you can almost 100% be able to find gold.
Try a roll of visor tinter. I pmed Smilie, and he told me what it was... i see if i can find it or the pm

Edit: AH! a solution my friends! its in pounds, but in dollars its about 12 bucks. look here. Click on the image to see the gold one. If you live in the US, look in the top right hand corner and it says "CURRENCY" scroll down and select US to get Dollar price. Enjoy!
cook a plaster mold of the visor on 125deg then lay on a 12x8in sheet of 1/16 polycarbonate (found at hobby shop for $5ish normally used for model plane wind screen)

the good thing about this is if you have a dremmel ...(or a pos roto zip)you can etch your visor layers into the mold

You could get a chrome and possibly paint over it in a yellow or gold glass or transparent paint, or get a clear and try and find gold window tinting to apply to it. The problem with paint is that it might not stick, show up, or work right. I thought I'd seen some transparent or tint sprays, but what I'm finding now would severely limit your field and range of view.

Or you could try to find a cheap gold/amber mirrored one on your own.

I'm trying to look into this myself. I want to do an ODST with their blue mirrored faceplate. I don't think my Motorcycle Helmet's quite right to go with a costume, so I'm either going to buy a cheap clear shield and tint it or, if it's more feasible, go ahead and buy a mirrored one that I can switch in and out of the costume.
but you can trim a t segment out of the visor

chris: if you want to stick with the chief look he had a gold tinted one
but honestly its all up to you
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