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kk, hallo peoples of the 504th. A question about the visor. On all the pics of MC for H3 if you look at his visor its tinted but not reflective 0.0 how is that possible. Things can be tinted yes, but they’re still reflective. Can you have them not reflected while still being able to see out of it clearly? I've heard of this stuff they use on the scopes for the military making it not cast off any reflection, but I don't know if its commercialized. Has anyone else heard of this??? Has anybody thought of this and tried to do something about it???
It is technically commercialized because many scopes for hunting use this as well. However It would be about 2 grand to get enough scope for it. You could use two layers of tinted plexi glass. that ought to make it so people can't see you well unless closer up, say about 6 feet or so. However I would personally use a motorctcle visor man it isn't worth such a minute detail to be coughing up extra dough. Welcome to the forums BTW, if you have any other questions just read all the tutorials and the previous posts before hand. I already have a few people mad at me because I kept reposting the same thing that they just answered.
Don't worry I've read them ^^, I'm in the middle of making my chest piece, and I just finished the helmet. I've been lurking around in the shadows and didn't think to join until I had a question. This sites pretty awesome, it explains pretty much everything.
umm the cutscenes and the trailers his visor is reflective but during game its just a texture
it's because the programmers and artists at bungie don't want to waste resources that could be better used elsewhere on silly realtime visor reflections on the ingame model. Why bother when, in all reality, during gameplay, the player will not once look at the visor. The only time you notice is when you take the time to actually look for it as you did. It has nothing to do with what the chief's visor is made out of, and everything to do with the programmers and artists wanting to be able to use the (sometimes insane ammount of) texture memory that would get used by realtime reflections elsewhere.

trust me, realtime reflections take up a ton of resources in a game. and you don't really want to use them unless you gotta. (unless you're a company like valve, then you just use cubemaps instead of realtime reflections... and put it on freakin everything instead of having proper specualr.... grr i hate that about the source engine)

but anyways. I rant too much.

point is, using a reflective visor for your helmet is completely right and proper :)
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