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If i dont want to buy a motorcycle visor, instead im using clear acrylic or vinyl, what can i use to tint it? i still need to see through it though.
I have had this visor idea bouncing around in my head for a while now. The clear acrylic that dacacheman is looking at can be vac/heat formed to the compound curve (bubble shape) of the MC's visor, could even form in the raised ridges of the visor's zoom feature (for lack of technical name).

I found some amber colored Acrylite Acrylic (408-5)

I know the reflective metallic effect is still not there, but someone here on-site might know of a way to create that effect on a compound curve -- maybe some kind of liquid film? The only other compound curved metallic tint that i know of are security camera bubble's...anyone know how they apply tint to those. In the auto window biz they say to apply the film in strips but those guys can hide their seams with the defroster wires of the few vehicles that actually have compound curved rear windows.

Let's hear from some of you guys with vacuum forming experience. My only hands-on experience is hand forming plexiglass over the stove to make replace parking light lens on my Saab in college but I have lusted after all the vac forming tables on the 'net. :not worthy:

If someone runs with this idea, it could have great results on the new big EVA/SPI visors too.

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