VISORS! (i know there is another one)


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so i know i saw the other one but it wont let me post in there and keeps freaking out if i try.

im looking for a visor cheaper the $70 + shipping from the UK.

im looking for somewhere between $30 and $50.

i live west of chicago if that helps.

if you can help post something here.


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so i found some but they have crazy things like "AC-12" and stuff along that lines written next to them what does that mean??

Sigma LS

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Those are the helmet model series that they fit on. HJC is the company that makes them. Not all helmet visors are created equal but pretty close. You can always search that model series to see if it'll work for what you want.

Darth Malevelus

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Im thinking of using gold rub n buff to make the raised areas on the helmet face sheild and then place a motorcycle face shield on the inside of that.

Hopefully this will give the look abit better.

Does anyone have any hook ups to make a truly compound curved face shield? perhaps if we asked around we could get someone willing to make a run of them. maybe even with the indents in the visor as well.