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didnt really know where to post this but here we go:

like ive posted earlier, im going to be the masterchief at my gamestop for when the game comes out. ive got basically everything checked off (thanks to link for that) and the only thing i really would like to get to make it seem more cool is a voice communicator (i guess thats wat you call them).

now i have a deep voice so i can fake it the whole night but man would that make me tired (yes, im very lazy).

just wondering if any of you guys know of any places that do things like that.

the only good one apparently is $500... I'll find the link for you.
Ouch 500$ ?
I think someone was selling the ones to make your voice like the Sand Troopers from star wars for like 280$ somewhere. Ill look for their site too.
yeah, um, guys? I got mine for $13 at a Halloween store. It even had multiple settings. Works perfectly.

I'm on vacation right now but when I get back i'll look up the brand name for ya.
i have one of those multi voice things but the quality isnt that great and its kinda bulky... the voices really dun remind me of anything remotely close to halo.
This wass for one of my halloween costumes along time ago..
it was around 15 bucks..



This on is the same price but looks more deluxe!
Try dick smith electronics. Its the vader voice changer, but it has adjustments on it for pitch and volume. and its only 10 bucks I think.

I have a few different ones I can find you I have to go on other forums and dig up the info.

Ill get back to you, alot of them you have to solder together yourself.

The hyperdyne labs voice changer is custom built to your voice to change it to the target voice. But at 500 bucks its not the cheapest thing out their despite its quality.

It can be found at www.hyperdynelabs.com
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