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    I have looked and looked for the paladin armor from the voltron series. I could only find guides on how to make it out of foam or stencils. Well that is not a whole lotta fun. So i prepared some files. Starting with the paladin chest with back pack. The helmet and some of the weapons are readily available online for free, just do some digging, or i might link them here. i dont know yet. not the best modeler out there but I think it came pretty darn good, i almost broke my hand patting myself on the back. I used the Hunk file from the vr to prep this, but cut and added a lot of details. hope you guys and gals like it and use it. next will be the arm then the shoulder, leg, waist/belt, boots. if you do build it post some pics here and as always use it as you see fit, i dont require credit but if you do thank you.




    not unfolded as normal
    voltron paladin chest armor v4.obj

    credit: dream works
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    here is the rest minus the helmet.

    voltron paladin chest armor v4.obj

    voltron paladin shoulder armor.obj

    voltron paladin bicep armor.obj

    voltron paladin elbow armor.obj

    voltron paladin forearm armor.obj

    the belt buckle is not attached to the rest of the belt but the hip pads are.
    voltron paladin belt armor.obj

    voltron paladin knee plate armor.obj

    voltron paladin thigh plate armor.obj

    voltron paladin shin plate armor.obj

    hope you guys and gals use these, let me know if you find any problems with the files. good luck on all your build
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    I'm digging it! Especially the chest.
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    Very Nicely done and well timed. Wife was working on building a set of this saved her from having to free hand the entire suit
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    I wish this had been around when I decided to do my paladin. Nice job.
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    Dang, sorry I wasn't fast enough. I hope you can still use it.

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