W.I.P. Halo Reach Noble 6 Armor

Hello 405th Community and Friends! I have been a member of this community for a long time and am finally starting my build. The usually things like money, and time have kept me from being able to do this but now i've finally begun!

I've decided on 3d printing mostly because i'm not very artistic and getting fine lines in foam doesn't work out for me very well. I can do Pep but when it came to getting the resin i had a lot of issues and then things like time and money hindered me. I didn't start a thread previously because I never really had anything to show but I'm confident this time that I will be able to complete this project.

Scout Helmet with Attachment
Commando Shoulder Right Arm (Printed, Twice)
EVA Shoulder Left Arm (Attempted, Colossal failure)
Tactical/ Partol Chest
FJ/Para Knees (Printed)
Armor Ability (New, Undecided which)

Grenade Launcher
Sniper Rifle

Method Undecided

Lastly a big thank you to Chernobyl and all other contributors to the armory. I would not be able to do this without you.


The first thing I'm printing is the knee guards. I wanted to start off with something small enough to fit on my print bed and I found that these would work pretty well. I think I got lucky and managed to scale them up to the right size because they look pretty good.

Being Printed

After a little bit of sanding

As always advice is appreciated and welcome.

Vi Out.
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HI, fantastic work on the prints, they've come out really clean, if I may can I suggest increasing the resolution of the files your printing? Here is a link to a fantastic tutorial on the RPF about how to smooth out files using blender: Tutorial: 3D Printing Pepakura Files with Blender
I hope this helps you out, in addition I'm also 3D printing a reach suit so if you PM me I can hook you up with some files. Good luck, your print quality so far looks fantastic.
Welcome to being my new favorite person! I will go watch that video right now.

For the most part I'm just using Cura, I've tried using 123d, Blender, and Meshmixer but cant seem to get it working correctly for me.

Thanks for the heads up!
Status Update!

Second Knee Pad is finished, And I started Printing the commando Shoulder however my computer decided to install automatic updates and restart! Huge bummer because this meant I only got a portion of the print (Pictures Below)

Knee Pads! The one in front has already been sanded to remove the excess support. I didn't learn about printing them vertically until I saw Nemesis's Reach Thread where someone had mentioned it (Post Credit Here). Anywho I will be sanding this second set down and then gluing them together. Unfortunately as well I printed in PLA which is more fragile than ABS and I haven't found a really good gluing method yet so I'm still researching. For now the solution is Super Glue unless someone has some better ideas. Everything else I am going to try to do in ABS so I can acetone weld it together and form a better bond between pieces I have to connect. I did just notice however that the second set has a much larger lower piece than the first so I will have to re-print this again. *Que Sad Music*

My first attempt at the shoulder pad early on. As I mentioned before the computer restarted during this 27 Hour Print leaving the printer sitting at a stand still and still hot while touching this part. That happened sometime around 3am I imagine and since I didn't get up until 7 there was no time to attempt to recover. I shut off the printer and left it until after I got home from work.It has been restarted again but I decided to increase the fill from 20% to 30% to add some strength against flexing so it will be 31 or so hours until I get to pull this bad boy off the bed.

That's all for now! I don't really have a set timeline on working on this but I would like to get it finished sometime this year. As of now i'll probably shoot for Halloween.

Vi Out.

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Prints are looking good. I'm 3d printing with PLA too for now because My printers pretty limited. I'm going to be using 5 min epoxy to piece my helmet together once I have everything all printed and sanded. someday I'll have a printer I can do ABS with and print a helmet in less then 12 pieces lol. Good luck on your build and happy printing.


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Viridiana Sovari, nemesis2500 has some High-resolution armor parts that would be much smoother than the in-game ones. they are very detailed as well. Use those and you will be very pleased. they are very high-quality, but will need some add-ons that I can design for you when you need them.
Prints are looking good. I'm 3d printing with PLA too for now because My printers pretty limited. I'm going to be using 5 min epoxy to piece my helmet together once I have everything all printed and sanded. someday I'll have a printer I can do ABS with and print a helmet in less then 12 pieces lol. Good luck on your build and happy printing.
I spent a lot of money on this printer. I had on previous but I could never get the bed level and I struggled with it for what seemed like ages. This one is self Leveling and I love it. It also has a much larger bed although it has a 3mm Nozzle which I found out after printing the calibration pieces so I had to buy new filament and now I have a stock of 1.75 that I can't use yet. I have a 1.75mm Head now I just need to print a new bracket for it and put it into place.


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In Reach, all the different armor parts are basically add-ons to the base armor. so what he has done is make the base armor parts, and then model the extentions/customizations.
our plan is to make a fully customizable Reach armor suit. it's not done yet, but we're working on it. Most of the base armor is done, so we will be done with the base soon. Then, it's off to add-ons.
If you couldn't tell, He and I are working on this project together. :)
Lol I did not gather that until you mentioned it but you have my solemn thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Reach is my favorite Halo and by far the only one I've considered printing. You two are doing the world a great service with your work. I have my list of armors up top and would definitely love any and all models you make. If this shoulder turns out well the other one is next.


mblackwell1002 I most certainly can: Suit.zip
Now then, as for usage of this, to any who download it, they're NOT scaled, you will have to scale before printing, the models are also NOT sliced, so you'll need to slice the models up for your print bed size, if you're in need of software for that, Autodesk netfab basic is both free and has a mesh cutting tool. The only model in that folder I'd advise against using in its current state is the forearm as it was one of my first models and I intend on re modelling it to make it far more game accurate, in addition I'd like to give credit to Ruze who is the original creator of the boot (which I am in the process of re modelling in CAD) and hand plates, I only increased the resolution. :)

Hope y'all enjoy. :D


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This is pretty cool. I am not very familiar with 3D printing and such. Would weight become an issue with a build like this? For example a 3d printed chest piece compared to one made from pep or foam.
This is pretty cool. I am not very familiar with 3D printing and such. Would weight become an issue with a build like this? For example a 3d printed chest piece compared to one made from pep or foam.
I am unfamiliar with the weight of a foam chest piece but I can tell you 3D printing generally doesn't have a weight issue. With printing you can choose the amount of infill you have and that percentage, usually 20% for me, is very light. This means the pieces are 80% hollow with usually less than a 2mm thick outer shell.

BTW this thread is going to be picture heavy...

First still on the bed with the support structure still attached.

Secondly the Front View. You can see little lines on here that didn't get filled in correctly. I'm guessing that this is due to the printer using the "High Detail" setting that I put it on so I am going to try another print on the standard setting and see if that works better. So far I have not been impressed with the "High Detail" Setting.

The Inside

The side Highlighting those cracks. Im sure they will be easy to fill.

And a closer look at the front.

That's all for now guys. My next print will be the be the EVA shoulder at 200mm Tall, 230mm Wide, and 155mm Deep. Note however these measurements are at its thickest points.

I don't know if I am going to use this commando shoulder however I may just print another because I am not quite happy with the height as this is one of the larger shoulder pieces and I am by no means small......

So if I don't use it I may just give it away. If you are reading this thread and think you want it tell me why and I will choose a winner before this project is over. No charge to you!

Until next time!


Estimated Print completion time 50 Hours


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I bet PerniciousDuke would like it, he has a Reach build going that has a commando shoulder, and I'm sure he would appreciate it. He will humbly decline, but he needs it. :)
Well there goes 20 Hours. So I started this print and it was working pretty well but today after work I came home to find this.


This wasn't the intended result of the print so obviously something went wrong causing the bed to stick in place or the arm to get stuck. I am also going to break down the Slice when I go to reprint this just in case it doesn't have something wacky wrong with it.

Here are a few more photos I don't think I will be trying this print again for a little while because I'm upset with what happened. I'm going to try something different, No giving up yet. Here are a few more photos of my failure for now Ill post again when I figure out what's next!



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not fun...Ugh. A remorforming printer is not fun...I use Hair spray on the build plate to get it to stick, works pretty well on top of blue tape and...what's the other gold-transparent tape called? I can't remember.
My current Status....


So as I was Running some cleaning filament through my printer a piece got stuck. Ironic right? Stupid me thought "oh I'll just push that down and then run more filament through it" WRONG! So for those of you that didn't know filament isn't very strong and that feeling tube that goes down is pretty long and narrow. Narrower and longer than most sturdy objects I have in my tool kit to solve this issue. This realization lead me to reference A (See above) and now a very lengthy dissasembly and re-assembly. As of right now I am re-assembled and starting another print. Here's to hoping I don't have too many further issues.

Vi Out.
Printing these out like they're going out of style!

So I am trying to Commando Shoulder again this time upside down so it has a better base as well as without the support brim because that's ridiculous for such a tall structure. This time I have scaled up the size at a W, D, H of 211mm, 90mm, and 240mm Respectively. So far I really like the height but itll be easier to show you guys once I post them side by side.

Here is how it is coming along so far. Sorry for the blurry image but everything is moving! You can see here that there are a few loose threads and this is because it had not support to stick onto, fortunately the build continued without issue.

Potato quality but you can see again that I am still getting those cracks and missing seams. This time the print is in standard quality which I had hoped would have solved that issue from the last print but it looks as if the model is imbedded with those issues and it isn't something I can fix off the bat. I did look through the layers view in Cura but I did not see anything outstanding that might cause this. Maybe once Nemesis2500, and MBlackwell1002, are done with their project I can kindly ask them to recreate this one in such high detail that it looks correct. I got this print off of another website not the 405th so fear not you won't run into this unless you go looking like I did.

This still has a few more hours to print so I am still deciding on my next piece. I don't have any Acetone yet so I can't really put pieces together yet. Those will come soon. I may take a break from printing my reach build and print a set of spare parts for my 3D printer to have on hand just in case something breaks. That's all for now guys!

Vi Out.
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