Wacky game, Need ideas! =p Play the demo!

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hey, some of you may know I follow gamedesign at academy dae.
However i've had some time recently for a project in my freetime.
it will have 2 player mode with splitscreen enabled.

I already have the core of how it should play. Just gotta do some sprite problems that still occurs.

The main idea was that the little guys (in the game in the link below) have a wacky adventure. All the enemies they see will have to be demolished. I will give them diffrent kind of melee weapons such as a hammer, sword,...

But i would like to get you guys to get involved for brainstorming. What would you let these guys do?

oh and the 2nd player his keyboardstyle is in azerty. In the finished game you will have the choice to choose keyboard style.
(if you see a white screen, wait a second. Its still loading)

Here is the link to the game

got a new update. The game is somewhat playable at the moment. Fixed some sprite issues and implemented an attack+health.

Currently when someone is dead it will just go to the same game over page. I will have to fix this that it say player 1 or 2 won.

-arrows for movement
-ctrl for attack
-m for shield

-zqsd for movement (I make it so you will be able to switch to qwerty)
-F for attack
-G for shield
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