wacom...i need help

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xalener said:
I have that kind. I love it. A bit small but you get used to it.
I can do this with it.

yes but can you look on the wacom tablet inself to see the stuff on there or is it the pin on board head lookking up at the computer screen type
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Hah, so you want to be able to look down at what you're drawing? Ok, I've got some info for you. I use a Graphire as well. It's a good tablet, small and compact, which is what I need since I've got practically no space. No, you can't look down and see what you're drawing with it though, you've got to look at the screen. It's awkward and heck at first, but gets easier as time goes, and improves hand/eye coordination. Plus, it's affordable.

Now, if you want to look at what your drawing without looking at a completely different screen, you're going to need Wacom's Cintiq 21UX. And my god everyone should have one. You draw ON the screen and everything, it's beautiful. The artist's from the webcomics AppleGeeks and Ctrl+Alt+Del use them. There's just one BIG probelm with a Cintiq. The price. If you're going to get a Cintiq 21UX, you're going to have to drop roughly $3000 on the table. Trust me, there's no hidden decimal in that number. Good luck with that one.

The only alternative I can think of would be one of those tablet pc's...But I dunno how much those'll run you. So good luck, you're going to need. Most people, including myself, can only dream of getting our hands on a Cintiq...
Ambrose is quite right, If you want something like that be prepared to spend quite a bit. By no means however should you despair, even the cheapest wacom will most certainly become an invaluable part of your drawing process. Be aware though, a wacom only works digitally. For most people, linework suffers if they use their wacom for drawing, so it's mostly a "touch up" tool. That means without a good command of paper and pencil, a wacom is just a hunk of plastic. I don't know what your level is artwise, so just keep that in mind before you plunk down a few hundred bucks on a glorified extension of photoshop.
i can vouch for just how ungodly awesome the cintiq series of tablets is.. nothing gives me a good hard on in the morning like workin in zbrush on a cintiq.

i would highly suggest you just get one of the like 80 or 90 dollar 3x5 graphires first though, especially if this is your first tablet. Cintiqs are amazing pieces of machinery. But they are not good for your first tablet. mostly because of the price. and also because working with a tablet of any kind takes a good deal of getting used to.

and yea, you could get a tablet laptop or somethin.. but that'll run you just about as much as the cintiq.

if the small graphire is gonna be to small for you, you can always just step a size up, since they make multiple sizes of every series of tablets.

but as you can see here, the larger you go, it gets much pricier


For what you're going to be doing, I would say a small graphire would do you just fine for now. There's no need to invest a ton of money into something when you don't currently absolutely need to. (especially if you're not making money with it)
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