Soft Parts Waist trainer with foam core for undersuit design?


I'm running into a small issue where my stomach is shown too much because 343 designed the models to include colored under suit. It's a small problem, because I don't want to glue foam core directly to my under suit to fix the void where my midriff is. Someone else here recommended a waist trainer to slide on top so you don't have to glue the painted foam core to the main under suit.

Anyone have recommendations for a male college student, or how well this will work?


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What I am going to do is sew and glue velcro strips to the undersuit, to hold my armor in place, while I have quick release buckle straps holding it in place, and some black sofa foam holding the armor to my body. To make this more clear, poofy foam secures it by slight pressure and friction. It makes it a more solid fit. Than the straps secure it to body part or armor. Velcro on the poofy foam and undersuit to make it not spin or shift