Want some new scales?


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I now have the registered version of Pepakura which should allow me to save files.

I had planned on "rejoining" JediFraz's .pdo's to make new ones where the separations are a bit more symetrical and there are no little triangles to attach anymore (no offense to JediFraz, I'm still very appreciative of what he's done so far). If this works, I will figure out the new scale for every two inches starting from 5'6" to 6'4".

These will be the base sizes though, so if you are small in height with a wide base or "big boned" you may need to make adjustments.

What I need help with though is knowing if you want it set up for A4 paper, or Letter sized paper. And where a good place for free webhosting is.
Can someone please help me im 67 inches tall so what is the scale i dont know how to do it becose i live in a country where we messure in centimetres metres, no inches or feet. so write it..to or pm
well yes but you didnt helped me ..

Alright last night i realy pissed my self of with the messures here are they:

my body measurments:(inches)

height: 68,8 inch

hand plate :4,8 inch im leaving it default the best i think but its a little to big though...

Forearm: i dont know how (from where to massure)

Bicep:i dont know how (from where to massure)

Shin:i dont know how (from where to massure)

Helmet:11,6 inch helmet umm u messure from chin to head up right?

Thigh:i dont know how (from where to massure) becose i dint knew the shin.

belt:i dont know how (from where to massure)

boots: 10.8 inch hmm what to do with the boots>?

torso:i dont know how (from where to massure) no seriously...

could some of you help me with i dont know how (from where to massure) like i leave it default right ??

help me help me help me!