wanted: Painting Tutorial

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i searched it up but couldn't find a good painting tutorial. ive never painted any sort of 3d structure before, but i have a little bit of experience with brushes and spray. not a lot.
any specific techniques?

i would like to know how adam made his armor paintjob non-uniform, like it's dark here and there in the right spots and it looks amazing.

does anybody have a link to that youtube video of the mjolnirarmor.com tutorial of painting a torso piece?
he used like rust-o-lium and brushes and gold paint and all that, and it looked amazing

should i be using spray or brush? or both?
You know how in the grooves there black well if you're talking about something like that what Adam did then what you gotta do is get slow drying black spray paint and after the armors painted paint the grooves black then hurry up and wipe the spray paint off the black should stay in the grooves
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