Warframe - Mesa Prime - 3D print and cosplay

It's been a while since i did a production diary and since this is by far the most complex build I'll be doing I thought I should. This will the very next cosplay once I am ever able to finish my Halo armor. While it's definitely a more niche cosplay I will be releasing the printable models for this one too. Warframe has a lot of amazing designs but very few are suitable for practical cosplay. I feel Mesa is the most practical as her design mostly resembles layers of clothing with an almost completely human physique. She's also easier to crossplay.

Warframe (21).png
Warframe (20).png

Like my halo armors, I'm using the in game model as a base mesh that way I already have accurate primary shapes and forms, and it saves time. I begin by sorting all the parts that will be printed. There is also a lot of pieces baked into the texture of the model that will need to be made from scratch such as details on the chest, back and, and arms. My focus is on what would be static in areas that wouldn't bend. A lot of this is the just the same pieces duplicated multiple times so it's less than it looks.

Screenshot 2021-07-16 204716.png

I'm Starting with the hat and Regulators pistols first which are main highlights. since Mesa Prime's hat is a literal part of her head and organically flows in into the back of her skull I had to improvise the back of hat in a way that was minimal but still provided support since it curve's upward. I separate all the copper ornamentation and detailing while rescaling and remodeling it into a base hat that could fit a human head. Since I don't have Zbrush at the moment I'll be omitting some if finer lines and details to create a simpler/clean design. I still need to smooth out the geometry and define my shapes which I can just use Maya's sculpting tool kit for. Once that's done I'll remodel the copper ornaments and just kit bash them back onto the hat.

Screenshot 2021-07-16 204941.png
Screenshot 2021-07-16 205822.png

Screenshot 2021-07-16 205841.png
Screenshot 2021-07-16 205754.png

When I'm done with the hat I'll move onto the Regulator Pistols. These are pretty simple and straight forward, Though I'm posed with the question of how they actually get to her hands. Since there isn't an actually animation for it and they just appear in her hands when you use them, the easy assumption is they just swivel up and detach into her hands using game logic. I could do the same by mounting them on the inside of the wrist closer to the palm, and while it would be a cool effect it to just whip 'em out, it wouldn't be very comfortable as they would not go completely into my palms and might break too easy at the swivel if I used it too many times or bent my wrist while holding them. I noticed however they are mounted on the outside of her wrists, which got me thinking, maybe she just grabs and pulls them off with the opposite hands that way. This way I can just put magnets in the bracer and pistol and not have to worry about breaking anything.

Warframe (22).png
Warframe (23).png

After that I'll just need to model all the detail pieces that would attach to the main body which will then be glued to the main suit.
For the main body I being going with the same color scheme as the images and us a blue bodysuit as the base then layer thin black and yellow fabrics on to of that. I'll use yellow, blue, and black pleather's to make the chaps, vest, belts, and boots. I'll use some sort of shiny copper material for the trimming and stuff. I wont be going one for one with the the same level of detail as in the game. Some of it is just too much and a lot of it gets lost with just a little bit of distance. Almost all of this can be fixed directly on to the body suit so I can just slip in and out of it with little effort. I'm not electronic savvy enough to try and do any of the little lights and stuff so those I'll probably paint with a neon or glow in the dark paint.
Warframe (13).png
Warframe (24).png

I'm supper excited to work on this I just really wish my printer weren't broke right now and i wasn't the poor. My biggest challenge with this will be all the sewing I'll have to do which I've never really done. In addition to this I may also make the vectis or sybaris.
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Here Is 3D printable Mesa Prime Hat from Warframe! This Warframe is easily one of favorite designs and high on my cosplay list. I went more simplistic with the detail than trying to do a one -for-one piece. This way it it will fit better with a costume that can't mimic Warframe's unrealistic levels of detail.

Should fit most head sizes however, like with any Cosplay armor or apparel it may need to be scaled to fit your exact head.

obviously this need to be cut up and sliced to be able to print, I couldn't decide how I would break it up with different printers and preferences I will leave it up to you. (So please don't ask.)

The main part of the hat is done printing. It’s almost a perfect fit for my head. Now I need to print the brim and tail piece of the hat.
it's a little on the wieghty side though it was to be expected but I don't see the completed thing weighing more that any other printed helmet. definitely going to need to take it slow sanding thing especially around the detail on the from of the brim as it did not show up as prominently as I would have liked.

I'm going to voluntarily break off the cattle horns on the front so I can properly sand them then will reattach them the with adhesive and fill them with a tack putty since they are hollow. Afterward I'll coat them with some printing resin and cure it for a little added strength.


Started the sanding process. Do a rough pass with wood filler sections at at time. Going slow because of all the crevices and detail, main thing is smoothing out the print lines so I don't mind if a little extra fill sits on top. even with just a rough pass it's already really smooth. After this I'll do a pass 2 to 3 times with a sandable spray filler. I broke off the cattle horns on the front to make it easier to work with. I'll smooth those separately and reattach and fill the seem at the end when I attach the brims as well.

Got the brims and cattle horns attached. Now I’m just smoothing out the seams with wood filler. I’m also glazing the cattle horns with 3D printing resin to reinforce the areas I had to break them off at. I’ll also be using the resin to spot treat certain areas that were harder to smooth out. I find I like smoothing with the resin better because I can cure it when ever I want instantly with the UV lamp and it’s also easy to sand.


Still curing the resin. I don’t really have a very strong uv lamp so it’s taking a bit longer, resins still sticky. I just thought it looked cool under the UV light.

Coming along super fast on the Regulator Pistol. Almost done! It will be separated into 4 parts: the Grip, Chamber, Cylinder, and Barrel, which will be skewered on a cylinder shaft to assemble. I'm working on a joint that will allow me to whip them out on a swivel from the arm position (held by magnets) to my hand. The same cylinder will also be used for the the numerous ones that are placed all of the her body.

Screenshot 2021-09-04 201530.png
Mesa prime's exalted Regulator Pistols are done! Now you too can embrace your inner aim bot and be the most Rootin' Tootin'est Tenno this side of the Origin System!

Test print done took about 24 hours total with my settings. Supports did not want to come off the chamber so it looks a little chewed. It's a little small for my hand but I'm just going to leave it as is for this version. for the arm mounted version I'm only going to increase the scale just slightly as I don't want it to stick out to far past my elbow. I got a pretty good idea how I'm going to do the joint and brace. I the joint will be about 2 inches pinned at the bottom back end of the grip, magnet on the bottom side toward the front of the chamber with another magnet on the brace at the elbow.

I'm still going to do all the sanding and finishing work on this though since I already have it printed. It's still a nice piece.


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