Warmaster Helmet (3D printed)

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Master Builder, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Hello everyone!

    Sorry for my absence and lack of time to contribute to this awesome community. Recently, I have managed to squeeze in a project for myself, it's the warmaster helmet from Halo 4. I've been wanting to start a full, top quality suit (also my first) for quite some time. I've also been thinking of some creative and very intuitive ways to achieve a spot-on game look terms of suit proportioning, and manufacturing techniques (nothing really new there). But for now I wont be focusing on anything other than the helmet.

    At first I really didn't know what helmet to pick out of a select few. I've always had my eiy on the warmaster helmet since day one, I even attempted to pep one out. I stopped mid way through bondoing to finish up my first helmet (EOD), I also realised how much the model was lacking, and the unsymmetricalness of it. So scratch that one. I also haven't seen anyone else attempted it.

    Since then, I have built my own 3D printer in hopes to become a master at everything FDM/FFF printing. If you'd like to check it out you can find it here: Link

    Alright, so down to business. Here's the model I've whipped up. As of now, I don't have any plans to release it. But if I do, it would definitely be after my build is complete.
    warmaster helmet 2.jpg

    I'm printing as I type, but here's what I got so far. I will most likely reprint the visor, because I fixed the z-banding issues since then (very obvious).
    nose piece.jpg on hot plate.jpg printer at work.jpg bad visor.jpg

    If you have any comments/crits or questions, please tell.

    warmaster helmet 2.jpg

    nose piece.jpg

    on hot plate.jpg

    printer at work.jpg

    bad visor.jpg

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  2. ArmoredAmir

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    Looks good! I hope the best for you.
  3. peterthethinker

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    Doing the full suit Eh ?
    may the force be with you !. Its a hard core test for a printer to last back to back that long .

    The Prusa is a sold machine to work with !
  4. nintendstroid

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    Hej you are back at it nice to see some stuff from you again man!
  5. Master Builder

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    Just a small update (major progress though).

    Reprinted the visor buck in hopes that I wouldn't have to do much manual work prepping it for vacuum forming. Ann the latest tweaking has really payed of in my print quality. Here's the new buck with 48 micron layer height (overkill I know).

    3.jpg 4.jpg

    Plenty more pictures to come in the next few days. I've had all the pieces printed out since a few days after making the first post.
  6. LoneLegionary

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    Looking good! Thats a very high print quality. How long did it take to print?
  7. Master Builder

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    Thanks! I want to say it took about 12 hours.
  8. CommanderPalmer

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    *, that detail! :O
  9. ODST Stryder

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    God, I should just bite the bullet and invest in a 3D Printer.
  10. cha0skn1ght

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    I'd kill for your model! It's gorgeous.
    I'm kidding, I wouldn't kill....
    Or would i?
    If you ever release it or are interested in sharing / selling it. I'd be interested.
    Great work!
  11. Ckesner

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    That is some great work. How are your ABS prints doing in the open air? I am thinking about building an enclosure, but I have never had a part split on me. I'm sure the first time one does I'll be scrambling to build one.
  12. Master Builder

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    Geeze, I did realize that I've posted so little. anyways here's a quick update on my progress. I've finally got some more time available to work on this project. I'll try to post some better pictures in the next couple days.
    Helmet progress.jpg helmet in pieces.jpg
  13. SavedbyGraceG12

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    [QUOTE Master Builder][/QUOTE]

    Wait what!? Better pics! As if these aren't good enough. :popcorn Thats one sexy helmet!
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  14. CommanderPalmer

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    The helmet looks outstanding! O_O
    So clean and pretty like it was a 3D render in real world! O_O
    Amazing job.
  15. thatwilsonguy

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    Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie to the world of 3d printing, and i would like to print a set of Noble armor from H5, and i have the files for it released last year by Chernobyl, and i have attempted to print it, with a few problems, as to which have been resolved. This is the first of 8 pieces I have, but all i did was simply take the model in Microsoft 3d builder and chop it into 8 pieces, and I would like to know what program i could use to get rid of the 3 walls(second picture) that would be discarded, as that takes up a majority of the plastic being used. If you could direct me to a program that could help, it would be much appreciated.
    IMG_3451.JPG IMG_3453.JPG
  16. projectshadow

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    Woah that's a high quality print!
  17. Chernobyl

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    First: I'm glad that you're finding the files I've uploaded to be of use. I always enjoy seeing cool stuff being made from them.
    Secondly: I realise that you're trying to get help, but posting your own projects in another person's thread is generally frowned upon. I'd advise perhaps creating your own thread to get the best possible exposure.
    Third: I'm personally not very well-versed in 3D printing, but it seems to me as though you could quite easily resolve your issues by adjusting the infill in your parts. That should help out.
    Finally: try a little Google-fu. It sounds like a pass-off, I know, but there are a lot of resources out there that will help you if you can take the time to find them.
  18. X 39

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    Woah Awesome Model! where can i get the model?
  19. IPv6 Subnet

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    That helmet has so much detail! When you're finished with the entire set it will look pretty amazing!
  20. Beemo8bit

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    Insane helmet, well done!
  21. PaiganBoi

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    X 39, IPv6 Subnet & Beemo8bit guys be sure to check the date of the last post before responding. This post is over 2 years old and can be considered a dead thread.This is necroposting and pushes more recent stuff down the list.

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