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Warrior Custom build:
I am making a new armor set after many years of not making anything for myself. All hard parts will be 3D modeled and printed by me. Under Suit has has been 3D printed as hard molds with Silicon parts Ill make a separate thread on that since its complicated. All modeled from scratch 3-5 mm thick walls. Bulk of the armor is printed on an FDM Printers. The small detailed parts are printed on a resin printer to make sanding easier and to maintain the finer details. So screw heads and other parts are printed and glued on after. The light Diffusers will be printed with translucent resin and lit with LED's. The center chest will have a Audio projection system with a wireless mic in the helmet. I'll post more as I have lots to share.

Renraku Props


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Chest Armor:
Chest pc from rough print to smooth surface. Registration pegs are used to align the parts then re-enforced with epoxy. Thickness is 3-5 mm throughout making the chests total weight 3.5 lbs. Gray image is the current state more touch ups are needed in small areas. Back Jet pack, the white parts are resin and the dark gray is FDM printed with print lines needing to be sanded.


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