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Warthog Build

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by Air Navy, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Air Navy

    Air Navy New Member

    IMG_6066.JPG IMG_5497.JPG Well, not exactly a prop, but I don't see a 'vehicles' section. And I guess you can technically hold the steering wheel...
    Anyhow, started in Jan 2014 and making slow progress. I don't want to clobber the forums with pictures or broken links, but hopefully this can wet the appetite. You can follow further on Facebook here:
    The Warthog Build

    Started with a 1994 Ford F250 truck as the base vehicle, but ended up just using the engine, transmission, and rear axle. It's mostly steel and will likely be heavy when complete. It starts and drives around, although its still just tack-welded in spots. Still no idea how it'll handle at 'high' speeds yet (if it can even get there...)

    Anyhow, long way to go still, maybe another year or so. Enjoy!
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2017
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  2. StayFrosty


    That's pretty cool! How do you plan on doing the "body" that goes over the chassis?
  3. Air Navy

    Air Navy New Member

    Some body work is in progress now... Mostly welded, but many parts will be hinged for storage access. The hood raises and will be its own piece, of course, but the body will be mostly 18gauge sheet metal strategically welded on and removable in some areas. IMG_5739.JPG IMG_6049.JPG
  4. Air Navy

    Air Navy New Member

  5. Dirtdives


    WOW!!! Ok terrific. So we now have a tank and warthog under construction........Our firepower grows!!!! SHOTGUN!!!!!
  6. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Is it desiel or gas engine? Looks killer always wanted to build one of these. But I've never be able to come up with the funds for a project like this. Looks like you've already got some pretty good money tied up in wheels tires, suspension and I see a lot of shiny new parts. Good luck with the build, I'll be watching this one.
  7. Dirtdives


    where is this vehicle stationed at?
  8. ArcticGhostXCV

    ArcticGhostXCV New Member

    Wow man, this is really cool! Great job so far.
  9. Air Navy

    Air Navy New Member

    Thanks, all! Appreciate the moral support.

    It's got a Ford 351 Windsor (5.8L) gas engine with a C-6 transmission and 4.10 axle gear ratio. I have a feeling it'll a little underpowered, but we'll see...

    The key to affording it is to buy in increments, but yeah the wheels and tires alone were the single biggest cost so far o_O

    It's located in Southern MD about an hour and a half or so south of D.C.
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  10. Dirtdives


    Great!!! That is Colonial Territory....Not to boast or anything but that makes 2 vehicles for us......:D :D :D
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  11. EndlessForrest


    This Looks Awesome!
  12. Air Navy

    Air Navy New Member

    IMG_6099.JPG IMG_6122.JPG IMG_6123.JPG Been working on the turret... it's coming along!
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  13. Dirtdives


    This thing is going to be street legal right? I would pay good money to see this thing drive through Manhattan just to see the looks on people's faces......would also probably get pulled over by the police..........another type of adventure!!!
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  14. ArcticGhostXCV

    ArcticGhostXCV New Member

    Coming along very nicely. I know I would be afraid to drive this through anywhere with lots of people after the turret is installed xD
  15. Harri51


    Looking more and more the a Warthog every time. Keep it up looks amazing.
  16. animeloverlela


  17. EndlessForrest


    Do you plan on taking this to a con?
  18. mike bike

    mike bike

    That's amazing
  19. mblackwell1002


    I wish I had more thumbs to put up...lol...nice work!!
  20. Spartan55


    Are those custom rims or real bead locks?
  21. blackace936

    blackace936 New Member

    This is absolutely amazing. One day when I have the funds I hope to do something similar and have my degree (mechanical engineer) and love for prop building come together for something like this. You are doing amazing work and thanks for the inspiration!
  22. Dirtdives


    Ok.....wait........forgot........SHOTGUN!!!!!! :D
  23. Schankerz


    I think you need some help for that failing noggin of yours.

    And I call turret!!!
  24. Dirtdives


    for something to fail.....you need it first......wait....what....? Tucker did it.
  25. mblackwell1002


    Hrmm...I guess I'll do what George does...sit on the back with my chaingun, that is. Scooch over, Schankz. Ya' need to make room for Blackwell! Fortunately, we're both twigs, so I think we'll fit...:D
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