Props warthog conversion anyone?

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So everyone knows what the warthog looks like ingame.....i got to thinking.....wouldnt it be cool if there was a body kit made for a dune buggy to make it look like a warthog?? i personally think it would be crazy awesome but thats just me :)
take one of these and make it look like a warthog (for those of you who dont know what a warthog is):


or even just a body kit for a gocart like the old racecar bodies you could get for them that i used to see when i was little....

just an idea......has it been done? anybody know?

EDIT: nvm it looks like its been done already...... dangit...but still really cool!!
Well guess what?

The boys at WETA (Some guys working on the Halo Movie, they made the trailer) have made a fully functioning Warthog with 4 wheel steering!


Yes, the picture above shows it. >_>
go for it, all you ahve to do is rise the suspension, change the body, paint it, add a turrent, and

that i get first dibs driving it ;-)

so what if its been done it still would be awesome
the only question i have is, is the WETA version road legal??? if gunna soooo make one!!
ive got an idea!!! hummer should stop making H1's H2's and H3's and start making warthogs.....or just startmaking them period.....god that would be completly dream come true....

i mean, now that i see it in real ife, it does seem like the kind of thing that would be on hummer's concept agenda....ya kno?

and i wasnt quite thinking about the turret.......wasnt quite thinking at all lol still really cool !!! :hyper:
neighbors throwing aloud party next door you tell them you have finals the next day, they still wont shut up, then all of a sudden

BOOM!! crash through their house in a warthog, that would be awesome :hyper:
or if you cant find your car in a really really really really big parking do the thing from "fun with dick&jane" where the neighbor turns on the car by talking into a microphone lol......imagine.....somebody is standing next to it thinking nothing ofit and all the sudden you say "warthog online" and it goes VROOOOOOM!! and the guy wets his pants he's soo scared.......that would be great....i still like the dune buddy idea......although an actual scale replica would be sweeter
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