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Hey guys, I was just thinking about this, and i wasnt sure where to put this, cause its not buying or selling so, anyways, if I were to by a Star Wars Biker Scout helmet off someone, what would the price range be? And if you have a price, who can sell them? Any help would be appreciated. - Ice
I think it could the same amount as a master cheif helmet.. Maybe you could get one off e-bay or something :unsure: OR, you could just make your own :p

They used to sell kits real cheap that were professionally done and high quality plastic, they may still sell them, otherwise, theres a tutorial.


350$ gets you the entire suit of armor, very cheap!


Oh but, the helmet isnt included, so...you may want to email for pricing on that, maybe 100 dollars since it;s a kit.
Great, thanks guys, ill check out those sites you gave me, and .DoOm. I know thats the star wars armor site, ive been there multiple times. - Ice
These guys are pros in making star wars armor, so I'd buy from them just because they've been doing it for so long, plus the pics show their quality.
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