"We are ODST" Dress Blues


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Hello and good day. Here at long last is how I made my We are ODST Dress Blues. They are not screen accurate. I was a US Army Infantryman so some old habits stuck. I also used a lot of my own stuff so please NO STOLEN VALOR threats.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout out

ODST Dress blues.png 29366010_343967952780936_5182439304655273984_o.jpg

Here we go. I currently live in Germany so a lot of these items may be hard to get outside of the EU.

Jacket - Royal Marines Jacket No. 1 ca 25-40€ Ebay.co.uk

Cap - Royal Navy white officer cap ca 20-30€. With black elastic band 50mm

Shoulder cords - can be made yourself (Youtube) or you can get a lot of different ones. The closest would be the old German army one (DDR Achselschnur, Kordel)

Pins/medals - Lots Halo Lootcrate and a few from Ebay (Also Gamescom Xbox pins)
German airborne wings (fallschirmjäger), US Airborne jump wings.

Ribons - Ebay set ca30-45€, I also made a lot myself, you can orde the ribbon on ebay

Patches - UNSCDF Right
ODST Links (Custom made rocker patch, Ebay - 10cm, Font "Denmark" )

Rank - US Army WWII Weiss (Germany has a store with copies)

Service Stripes - Self made, White elastic band, 10mm, glues onto black elastic band, 50mm, and wrapped around behind

Eppauletts - White piping, I used white paracord and sewed it to the edge, or my girlfriend (She is also an ODST) use a white material and sewed it underneath

Belt is just a belt I got from Ebay.


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Awesome stuff! Screen accurate or not, it looks like the real deal!!
And thank you for your service! Go Army.

I agree with every one!!! For you build and your service. Great job. Fantastic. You may now live overseas but still enjoy your 4th of July!!!!!


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Thank you everyone for the Kind Words. It means a lot to me. I will also post up my own Original Uniform soon. Summer Garrison Khaki uniform (USMC Style)