We need reference pictures in the gallery

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Ill do spartan laser and Odst Helms. Im doing right now where do we post pics Adam? Also they take around 3-4 hours to upload to my gallery lemme get some shots of my odst.
Xavier said:
Ill do All Covie and Brute weapons.
Yea Ok thats alot....

Heres my first shot its from about 2 days ago im seeing how long it takes to upload. Nevermind look in gallery im about to upload more.
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Im working on the Rocket Pod prop and the Turret so Ill grab those later this evening.
heads up people, it will be a lot easier if you only do the ones you call, and instead of putting like "Spiker 1" then "Spiker 2" just put the photos in the 's tags of your other photos of the same thing in the description of the original photo so that all the pics are in the same spot
Also, maybe if we used a Render of the weapon from bungie to head up the weapon, it would look cleaner.

Leadingspartan said:
So just in case and weta did. Anyone could start anyday soon. Ill take The pistol. And br!
True Dang nice shots leadingspartan :lol: Now i really wana play.
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beauty is, with the new "Theater" feature you can look at ANYTHING in Halo 3 up close in HD.

p.s. I saw you (Adam) on that G4 Halo 3 Countdown. They didn't do any of your armor justice. I saw a millisecond of your Silver helmet though. :D
we need to get some more pictures in here. We can't make armor without good reference pics...

do saved films, save it to bungie.net download to your computer, and upload to the gallery!
I have 7 great shots of the turret sitting on my xbox hard drive right now. But Im at my friends house and I need to find an ehternet cable and a working ethernet port and Ill have them uploaded. Ill also try to grab some good shots of the rocket pod this evening.


New turret shots are uploaded. They look nice I think. Let me know if you want any other views of it while im taking pictures :p
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