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Wow the title of this make's it sound serious...But it is serious that their are none(actually when I'm finished with my build I might make a promethean battlewagon)

The Wolf

Just to tell you guys I found a file/pep file for the halo scatershot "spread gun". I think it's modeled by crimson and I think they should put it in the armory:

Once you download it exit out the pop up


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Has anyone made a watcher yet?/the flying things in halo 4 the protect the prometheans.
I have never seen one, but I know their is a couple crawlers, and a few light rifles. Plus an incineration cannon or two. Other than that, I think that is it. Andrewdft made a 1:1 scale binary rifle. I absolutly love that thing, and I wish there were more promethean props and suits. I would love to take this up with you, but I am going to try something a little more rare in the halo 4 field when I am done ;)


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Halo 4 Graphics are underrated, i have to admit.
Has a darker vibe to it in contrast to the sunny sandox games from H1 to H3.
The hall leading up to the terminus in the second mission is one of the most stunning examples of forerunner architecture i have ever seen....

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Their appearance changed from a birdlike species to being lizards though....
I mean the change was kinda weird but then again, their change was better then the grunts. The main reason why I don't hate Halo 4 grunts, is because their necks are so long and it's kinda funny when you assassinate them