weapon files


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Hi i was wondering if any one ha AR BR energy sword or shotgun pepakura files that i could have that arent from that 4shared website that i could use that would be a great help for me


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here dude energy sword blade


bottom is handle....


i have no idea where i got this so... use it its at least 50 cm but its short


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iam usind pepakura and falling thanks for that file but when i open it in pepakura it says too man faces would take to long to asemble and only the 3d assebled model shows up


Click UNFOLD to the right side of the screen. If it needs scaling then uncheck AUTO (right next to it) and click UNFOLD UNDO, then click UNFOLD.

I'm not mad at you so you don't get the wrong idea, I put the buttons in caps cause that's what I do.