weapon help and armor help

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can some one explain to me how to measure your head chest groin arms legs ect or if theres a tut on how to measure your self plz link me. like do i measure around my head is and how long like length and width of my head or what. i think i know how to measure my groin like around my back and front right and arms should be easy just wrap it around but i dont know about my head plz help me ty.

please and thank you in advanced.
no worries dude. i dunno, but you can always rename this thread and use it as you work in progress thread for your new suit. ;)
yea will i am having a hard time using pepakura due to i cant get the links in the downloads database to work but and the guns kind of look weird cause pepakura didn't put it in like a cut out like it did with the armor. and i am having a hard time scaling it cause either thoe i make it the right size it still wount fit in the boxes fully it takes 19 pages. but i can get the other armor peices from the tutorial on how to make the armor but still whats the point of a armor with out guns and stuff to accualy make it a real deal so you think you can hookup me up with some gun models that accualy alot of people use.
yea i may have to get some help cause after i unfolded it, it still looks a bit weird to me like do you just cut out and put it on cardboard or something or what.... be helpful if theres a tut on how to make the weapons. oh yea i downloaded a pack and the pistol kind of looks weird and is there any store that probley sells thees guns for costume add ons??
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