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    My Armory Thread:

    So after much deliberation and the suggestion from Playdohlord, i decided maybe if im going to start building a few weapons and props then i need to start a separate thread away from my JFO custom build

    right now all i have on the plate is:

    - F.L.A.R.E. system (Forward Launching Artillery & Rocket Emitter)

    - ODST Socom Mod Magnum (with working slide & working magazine drop)

    i know a while down the road ill be making either a BR or DMR i still havent quite figure out which to do. i have a few rough sketches of the F.L.A.R.E. system but for right now i only know that i will have a launcher on each shoulder section of the chest piece at a 45 degree angel off to the left and right, i have the tubes that ill be using for them and have started the rough shell for the socom mod.

    Most of my focus for now will be directly on my suit:


    and will be posting here when i get sidetracked and start working towards my weapon systems :D

    Though, once im finished with my suit by october i will be focusing all of my time into weapons builds, I'm thinking to do a rail gun to have for the H4 release

    ive been searching for a pep file, ive seen in in the 'H4 files within' thread but couldnt find a working pep file. its just a thought though hope everyone's doing great on their builds today!!!
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  2. hyundai2806

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    Forward Launching Artillery Rocket Emitter

    F.L.A.R.E. System:

    This is a personal ordinance launching system for armor impact mini-rockets used again light armored vehicles as well as heavy enemy ground units such as Hunters.

    This is a personal sized variant based of of the SGM-151 heak seeking launcher system that was installed on the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I Prototype Armor Defense System, based at the UNSC Weapons Research Facility T12A on Algolis, this suit appeared on the Halo Legends short film PROTOTYPE
    Though the Suit was destroyed in compliance with Cole Protocol, the weapon systems that armed this power suit were still very much in use prior and after its destruction by the UNSC forces.


    So basically what im hoping to do is have a multiple tube luncher that at some point actually can fire small rockets, like the ones you can buy at a firworks stand i cant remember what they were called but i have a few and they fit the tubes perfectly.
    The actual launching system i probly wont hassle with til the end of the year, until then im thinking about just mounting some red LEDs, inside the hex top tubes will have flip open panels thatcover the open port tubes.
    they wil be mounted on the shoulder area of the chest piece at 45 degree angle to the left and right of where the head would be

    kinda like..those plasma launchers that predator has..lol but theyll be staged on small platforms ill take a pic of the sketch for them but for now heres the tubes

  3. hyundai2806

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    ODST Auto Mag (socom variant)

    AutoMag pistol-ODST:


    here's what ive got so far, since im using the base from a G17 green gas pistol(for the blow back) i had to extend the magazine out a bit


    now just working on the outer shell which ill be glassing after work today so i can start adding in the smaller details and paint it all up.
    I've taken the liberty of making the front block barrel a locking piece on the adapter rail of the glock which will fit my duty pistol(G17 as well) as also the back piece that can mount to the rear of the slide.
    i thought to do this because i wanted to mount them to my duty pistol and take a video in my armor firing off a 33rd mag at the range. i think it'd be a neat video :D
    here's the shell i made so far, now that i think about it i shouldve just used the pep pieces, then i figured they might be too small to fit onto the green gas pistol


    but ill post back up later one i start getting the glassing and sanding done with for the added pieces
  4. hyundai2806

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    AutoMag Glassing

    ODST AutoMag Pistol:

    Just glassed the automag pistol shrouds for the barrel and the pistol end

    BUT one of the bigger parts is i made the full trigger/hand guard for the pistol, what i did was cut out the normal horizontal section and used the angled end to attach the existing piece, and another black plasti-piece to finish it off, made the indention at the bottom so it fit perfectly in with the magwell at the bottom, the magazine still slides in and out perfectly and its coming along pretty great

    here it is so far(without shrouds)

    it doesnt have that straight end horizontal turn like the actual pistol but i liked the hex shape alot better so thats what i did


    let me know what ya think about the new path of design im going for, i could change it to the straight blocked angle but i wanna here some suggestions before i do
  5. rsmith71388

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    dude. Im jelly. Nice build so far. keep it up!
  6. hyundai2806

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    AutoMag Build:

    thanks bro, i'll be sanding first thing in the morning around 7 unless i get called out to a camp for one of my units
    and after sanding ill be carving in the small details i even have a serial number plat ill be installing on the side of the gun where the serial shows up on the game version


    and like ive said before my camera really blows on my phone, the lens casing is pretty scratched up so you cant make out the numbers and letter but this is the plate ill install once i finish the automag pistol, this is a very small piece but any detail goes a long way huh?? :D


    hit me up if you got any questions!!
    let me know if you have any suggestions.
    this is a CUSTOM automag so i will tweak it as i see fit, the way i see it if George from reach could make additions to his pre-existing armor so can i ;)

    405th hoorah!!
  7. hyundai2806

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    Rainy Day

    Indoor work:

    i suppose with it raining i cant start the sanding for the automag pistol sorry guys

    i was really hoping to get the carved in details and the paint done ofter sanding it down buuuuuuuttttttt nope

    I'm going to be probly pepping for my JFO custom suit

    ill keep you guys posted if i make any more advances in this weapons section.OH!!!
    i could probly start the staging platforms for the F.L.A.R.E. system i think i may post a rough sketch of what it might look like
  8. hyundai2806

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    Sand & Paint:

    went ahead and sanded off some of the side and edges i think im going to size up the pep file and use that after this,
    i just needed a quick temp to have SOMe kind of weapon with my suit.

    since my suits first priority i didnt want to put too much time into a great weapon so this wa a rush job

    i wont put any detail into it until later (adding serial plate, small screws, working laser, indent engravings, misriah brand)
    i just needed to knock out what i could in the few hours that i had today.

    i just posted up the concept shins from my suit thread for my custom JFO you can check it out here

    or just click on the link on my signature to find it. ill be posting up soon ALSOOOOOO

    i had seen a post by the The Bradinator on a foam h4 suit i saw he had a nerf rifle that look VERY similar to the famas rifle i think it was an MA2b????? from Ghosts of Onyx you can find the pic on his thread
    you can find it on page 4 of his thread, it is a great suit from foam btw, very excellent
    very very similar shape with the same rail as this rifle that the spi spartan is holding here


    i think i may have to go with that quick fix if im goig to dragoncon this year in august.
  9. Assassin3698


    It's a great build so far but, given you have some carving skills, it would be better to use styrofoam and hot glue it on, not the white one with all the little pieces but the one used by , YouTube Username- DaFrontlineTrooper, and if you learn to make props this way it could save you some money and is a very valuable skill in prop making. He even has templates you can print out on his Facebook page. Hope I helped.
    PS- you should cut off the finger guard and do the same thing.
  10. hyundai2806

    hyundai2806 Member

    thanks for the input :D
    ive seen a few of his videos when i first had joined the 405th a few months ago like i said im just kinda throwing together what ive got right now, i really do like that nerf gun thats on bradinators page, since ghosts of onyx came out i always hoped theyd throw to short barreled rifle in the game at some point, i though maybe theyd even have it in reach but it never came out

    and far what im doing with the next part of my armor it would be appropriate to have that same rifle.. but thats kind of a spoiler.................

    anyways if i go to dragon con next month i might just pick up that nerf gun as a quick rifle. im busting my ass when im not working to finish my suit thats top priority if i wanna get to Dcon
  11. hyundai2806

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    so i havent done much with that ODST magnum but i just got that dremel im more than sure ill scrap that piece and pep one to fit over the g17 pistol

    i DID however find a quick suitable style smg thingy at a dollar story for $3, it had no logos or anything, that same hexy polygon style look as a halo weapon so i turned it from neon yellow to this
    threw on the steel gray with a little siler and blackwash
    probly the only thing ill actually build on this is a quick throw on suppressor to give it a more smg feel, maybe throw on a little magazine on the side
    since im so busy with my suit, ive got a week left to pep and glass everything around work..not happy bout it
    dcons coming up faster than i hoped it would and im def going, but ive gotta have a suit first
    and this was my quick fix for a weapon

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