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Wayne R

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After lurking on here for a fair amount of time, downloading the files for the Halo weaponry and admiring all your work, it turns out that Pepakura's just not for me. Sorry, I just can't get a handle on it and it's not like PCs and software are alien concepts to me.
Yep, checked the FAQs, but all that's visible for the pistol is a tiny graphic that swings around wildly when moved, covered in 'balls'. Unfolding it gives lots of random spiral shapes with huge triangles sticking out of them.
The pistol and the AR are what I'm really after, the plan was to try and make them out of perspex, plastic, Milliputt and whetever else is at hand. But first you need a pattern to work from.

If anyone's ever been to this site they'll have seen the T2 Plasma rifle that I'm currently in the preliminary stages of making.

The question is:
Could any of the geniuses on the forum could scale the AR & pistol parts and transfer them to Word, PDF or something similar?
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