Wearing your EXPENSIVE Legendary Helmet

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It's simple. I'll post pics tonight, but if you have a legendary helmet in front of you then you won't even need pics so don't post that stupid " This Thread is useless without Pictures" (LeadingSpartan).

Hold your legendary upside down Facing the inside rectangular slot.

Notice 6 screw holes on the bottom.

Use a small phillips head screwdriver to remove all six screws ad DON"T LOSE THEM

Carefully slide out the black insert that is the entire black section.

The only thing left inside the helmet is ugly looking innards made up of screws and overlapping plastic.

As long as you don't have some kind of HUGE head the helmet should slide right on now.

I really dont see the point of this...you still cannot see out of the visor without cutting it out and replacing it so what is the point if you can get it on your head or not?
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