Weathering problem


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Hi, I'm on to weather/black wash but there are some bits of hot glue where the base coat is and when I put the black wash on the base coat likes to flac and wrinkles. So if you have any ideas on how to stop or work around it plz feel free to leave a idea.
Some pictures might help, but, it is not at all uncommon for exposed glue to have a different reaction to paint than the armor material.

If the hot glue is not taking the paint the same, then I would take that spot and make it as a significant damaged or weathered area. Paint the exposed hot glue all silver with whatever paints adheres best to it, and make the exposed glue look like a field repair weld, or a gouge in the armor exposing the silver base layer.

Or paint it all black and make it looks like a burned or Plasma melted area.
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