Wedding apperance request


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Gentelmen and ladies,

We of the 405th have been asked to assist in a couple in their wedding celebration.

Date: Friday August 19th
Time: 5-11pm
Location: Grand Ballroon in Collingwood NJ, about 10-15 min outside of Philadelphia

I need to have at least 1 costumed member, and one handler who are willing to commit to this. If you are willing, please pm me asap.

What is expected of you at the reception.

Hi Krissy! Thank you for reaching out to me regarding my request. We're not looking for much, and the wedding isn't entirely Halo themed. I taught my fiancée how to play when we first met, and Halo has remaind a big part of our relationship for many years, so we wanted to incorporate a little bit of Halo into our special day. We've arranged to set up some game systems so that our guests can play Halo at our reception. We thought it would be fun to have a spartan at the reception as well. Our thought was to surprise our guests with a spartan who would hang out for some of the reception and partake in the festivities. It would be fun to have them hang out, pose for pictures with guests, play halo, and maybe even dance! The reception is taking place on Friday August 29th from 5-11pm at the Grand Ballroon in Collingwood NJ, about 10-15 min outside of Philadelphia.

There would be a space for them to change and take a break. Two members would be fine. Thanks.


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August 29th is a Monday.........just FYI. July 29th is a Friday.....this day?


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Date is actually the 19th. Gentelman learned he made a typo when he contacted us. It looks like I have one person willing to go, possibly more.