Weird E-Mails any body else ever get these

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I got this in this mornings email
I know its some kinda of spam for stocks

Who makes this stuff up

Still scratching my head :?:

Read on

When a completely fractured spider is secretly false, a boiled fundraiser gives secret financial aid to some football team.
A light bulb related to the wedding dress prays, and the unstable support group reads a magazine; however, a bowling ball around a dolphin pours freezing cold water on a pork chop.

Symbol: IDSM.
Current Price:
Five-Day Target:
Rating: STRONG Buy.

Furthermore, the microscope sweeps the floor, and the earring near a sandwich secretly laughs and drinks all night with a support group.
A buzzard inside the wedge takes a coffee break, and a globule toward a grizzly bear returns home; however, the psychotic stovepipe teaches a pine cone.
Thats an auto generated text message. Theres a computer program out
there that strings together words to form sentences at random.

Used alot in Spam messages.

Be on the lookout for Trojan Horses. Check for spyware in your cookies.
Those messages are just there to get you to open them, then they drop their adware on your computer.
I only open emails that I know
and most of the time I just use the preview window
and I run Mac scan at least once a week to check for those
little nasty things

Thanks alot :mrgreen:

Spartan 648
i get some from ebay, which they try to get you to log in so they can get your passwords
yeah, sometimes when I bid on an item and don't win, I get fake second chance offer emails.

WARNING: do NOT accept 2nd chance offers unless you can see them on your "my eBay" page.
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