Weird halo reach glitch?!?!?!?!?!?!


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ok this keeps happening to me. i play invasion and am on the elite team the game ends and about 20 seconds before everything goes dark i spawn with a assault rifle?!?!?!? on the covenant side?!?!?!


thats probably a system glitch that has some thing to do with xbox live having a problem or it could have some thing to do with your connection. its most likely your connection or it would have stopped. check you connection speed and whatnot on the dashboard. if it says you have a bad connection go to xbox live support and there should be some stuff there to help you!

Morphen Jar

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It's just a glitch that happens to everyone. If you spawn right as the Data Core is scored, you'll spawn as an Elite with an Assault Rifle.


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another glitch happend to me on spire i jumped of the top threw a grenade in midair(not sure if that makes a difference) but when i hit the ground i didnt die?


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I had the SAME thing happen to me when I played a game of invasion. I died shortly before the game was over and when I spawned, I had an assault rifle while being on the covenant side. o_O

I remember stuff like this happening in the Reach Beta.