Welcome to the Washington Battalion (wabat)


405th Regiment Officer
Community Staff
Welcome to the Washington Battalion (wabat)! Our state is the birthplace of Halo which means we have a lot to live up to. Game developers living right here in our neighborhoods means that we have to maintain the best most professional image we can muster. That doesn't mean we don't have fun too! Local conventions, group projects and officially sponsored events we are blessed to call this land home.

Our battalion, along with MIB, are among the first official within 405th. Help us lead the way! Share what you want to see the group become and suggest ways to make it happen. Visit our suggestion box to let your voice be heard.

Make us proud, soldiers!

To Join: message any Pacific Regiment Staff member

Edit: Currently I am your Battalion Commanding Officer (BCO) and the Pacific Regiment Executive Officer (RXO). If you would like to become wabat's BCO please send me a message saying why. Regiment staff will review your request and respond promptly. Washington is a high event state and this position will require a decent amount of time online coordinating events. Actual appearance to events is not required.
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