Well, Is there a normal Marine Pepakura file?

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I didnt really want to do a MC, I wanted to do a marine, so are the any files that I can Download, cuz all the ones here are kinda down or dead.


i dont think there is marine pep files, because the download database doesnt have them, or does it? I'm not sure, plus I havent ever see anyone with marine pep progress, all I have seen was cardboard DIY people.

Nvm you are right, they are down and do exist, I dont think there is anywhere else to get them, but if someone has them, and replies to this thread, ask them for the files if they have them....
Alright then....Well, if anyone DOES find anything throw it up here.

Edit: Well, couldn't I just do ODST armour paint it green and not put a visior and the bottom jaw line thingy of the helmet on it? unless ODST armour looks totaly different from normal marines?
The files are in the biped .3ds on halomaps.org, specifically here: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?pg=3&fid=2571
you can edit them to get just the armour using wings3d which is here: http://www.wings3d.com/
You can put them into PePaKuRa, and cut the pieces yourself: its often better than the ones that you download, cos you can make them symetrical, bigger pieces, etc, etc. I generally rearrange mine...
Of course, that takes a good day or so to do; not for those who have little time. On the other hand, if it saves you time on illogical cutting up, its worth it...
The problem with marine armour is that it is not entirely distinct from their bodies in the 3d files; its not clearly defined. You might want to do it from the Halo 2 marines, the 3d files for which are somewhere on this forum, but are very complex in terms of random bits and pieces...
I have a .gif file for their helmets somewhere but it only makes one that is about 4 inches long...
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