Well, just snagged something off ebay


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Its my second Powerbook G4. Paid almost the same as I did for the first, but this time I grabbed a 17" Powerbook G4 1.5ghz for a measly $598.00 !!! Plus shipping, it was cheaper then my 12" Powerbook G4. It should ship sometime next week I'm hoping. It doesnt have an OS on it though, which kept the price down, and I have 3+ install disks for 10.5 at my house. So no worries there. Anyone else have any of these wonderful machines ?


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Hmm I've been thinking about getting a laptop, but I've always been a PC owner.

Let me know how you like your new machine!

kerotan 36

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I got an HP Pavillion laptop and it works pretty well. But i can't play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. because it's a faulty disc