well this stinks :(

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when i uninstalled halo pc i forgot to right down my ip address. any idea hon how to retreave it? i know its on the box but SOMEONE [mom] threw it away. so can some1 help?
Fragclone said:
ya... same thing :[
Nope is not the same thing...
Your CD key is in the Register of Windows *also Westwood games for example*
What OS do you have
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if you cant find it let me know I have a cd key that I dont use since I play Halo on my 360

PM me and we can talk about a decent price
Lol! Your IP is you Internet Protocall adress, you cant loose that lol

hmmm cd key.. eeerrr you could download an illeagle torrent with the key, buy somone elses, or just buy a new game :(
I could sell you my cd key all I want is some serious help with what kind of things you use in making the armor even with the stickies I still dont know the first thing about making the armor.
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ok what i mean is when you start the ibstalling your halo pc, the thing comes up saying type in the key thing... it says 25 characters. i lost THAT; in other word on te box of games a plastic yellow piece with the code on it. thats he code i lost :sleep:
I know I just want as much help as I can get with material prices and such and I don't play mine online anyways so.......
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