Westerfield Energy Sword: New Pics

Sean Bradley

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Seems like they are making some progress on this, but they haven't really released much info yet.

They have a unclickable thumbnail on the main page...

I found this page with pics of the sword and progress by doing a search there. I didn't see them posted anywhere else.





Edit: It's posted under the "How To" gallery


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Hey i got some info cause ive been waiting for mine for some time now.

The final will be more detailed around the handle and the blue will be quite a bit lighter. Also there will be a light frost on the inside for the lights to reflect on.

If it seems big that is because it is proportion to Master Chief, the 7 foot or whatever tall he is.

I talked to Robert the creator and he said it looks much better than the pics you see above. Ill be sure and post plenty of pics, and hopefully i will have it in time for comicon.


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I agree there stuff lately has looked rushed and incomplete, but lets not be over judgemental on the prototypes.

Ther odst helmet is cool but im not a fan of the sectional thing. I talked to them about it and they are doing something diffrent now. So i think the same way most of you guys do but remember these pics are just prototypes.


I like it... I've seen it in real life. Its huge! But scale to the game. Sometimes I forget how big they really are. I like it. Its still a prototype though. I think.

Sean Bradley

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I had thought about doing it 3-D as well... was gonna build my own Vacuum former to do so, but I was just too afraid of getting the edges nice and neat... thought that the 3-D blade might complicate that....

It's neat to see it done that way, but it seems a little puffy. But I understand that this is an early prototype.... can't judge until they call it 'done'.


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it seems a lot wider than the one I'm making, but then again, mine is human-scale. It looks great nonetheless, but I like Sean's better.


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all in favor of seans being the best say eye :dee:

(this vote is not to discourage youngins who would also whant to take a crack at the energy sword)(vote Nader for prez)