Westerfield Energy Sword: New Pics

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Sean Bradley

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Seems like they are making some progress on this, but they haven't really released much info yet.

They have a unclickable thumbnail on the main page...

I found this page with pics of the sword and progress by doing a search there. I didn't see them posted anywhere else.





Edit: It's posted under the "How To" gallery
Hey i got some info cause ive been waiting for mine for some time now.

The final will be more detailed around the handle and the blue will be quite a bit lighter. Also there will be a light frost on the inside for the lights to reflect on.

If it seems big that is because it is proportion to Master Chief, the 7 foot or whatever tall he is.

I talked to Robert the creator and he said it looks much better than the pics you see above. Ill be sure and post plenty of pics, and hopefully i will have it in time for comicon.
I agree there stuff lately has looked rushed and incomplete, but lets not be over judgemental on the prototypes.

Ther odst helmet is cool but im not a fan of the sectional thing. I talked to them about it and they are doing something diffrent now. So i think the same way most of you guys do but remember these pics are just prototypes.
I like it... I've seen it in real life. Its huge! But scale to the game. Sometimes I forget how big they really are. I like it. Its still a prototype though. I think.
I had thought about doing it 3-D as well... was gonna build my own Vacuum former to do so, but I was just too afraid of getting the edges nice and neat... thought that the 3-D blade might complicate that....

It's neat to see it done that way, but it seems a little puffy. But I understand that this is an early prototype.... can't judge until they call it 'done'.
it seems a lot wider than the one I'm making, but then again, mine is human-scale. It looks great nonetheless, but I like Sean's better.
The reason the two parts hit eachother in the middel is if that didn't happen it would fall appart.
all in favor of seans being the best say eye :dee:

(this vote is not to discourage youngins who would also whant to take a crack at the energy sword)(vote Nader for prez)
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