Westerfield Studio's Halo 3 Armor

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Well Im no artist and we needed a master chief costume so i ordered one from Westerfield Studios out of Florida.

I got to talking to him and he through in the Halo three knuckles and they are building the halo three boot buckles.

Here come the arguments but he said that was the only diffrence between the halo2 and 3 armor was the knucle and shoe buckles.

Anyways, we are on a roll so there you go.

Cant forget they are sending me a custom Plasma Sword as well. We will see how it looks it was cheaper than the one on this site.

Dont get pissed but im gonna post something similar to this on my movie forum that way i can keep tabs. I wont double post exactly though.

He said it would ship next week so we will have a couple weeks before i can post pictures.
An old member/moderator on our forums, deadguy, worked(maybe still does) for this company. He was the one who was first interested in finding out all of the differences in the suit. irony? :mrgreen:
Hmm, Curious.

Link, see i asked him about it, because i said the same thing, and he said they changed their design.

Ill be sure to include pics when i get them.

One main mod i will do that he was talking about is the visor mod. The forum seems to be all for the motorcycle visor so ill do that on both helmets i have.

Sean hooked me up with the other one.
Blue Relm has a photo with all the highlighted differences in it some where in the fourm and theres like 8 differences.
sounds great man. your film's comming together a lot faster than mine :cry1: aahhhh its cuz of my damn warthog. anyway how much did the suit of armour cost?
westerfields suit appears to come from the smaller US statue its just popped copies which have been vac formed.
Chewdog316 said:
755 shipped unassembled, unpainted.

yipe! I'd go for Briar or Link if I were you.
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I owned a suit of Westerfield Studios armor and it wasnt too too bad. When i bought mine piece by piece painted/ strapped i ended up spendin a lil over 650$. However, I did buy a suit from link :)
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