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Cool stuff, a lot of there things though seem to be over proportioned in parts but it is amazing work overall. I hope they put more time into the ODST helmet, it looks cool. :mrgreen:
Yeah, I thought it was pretty awesome but I opted for the heavier NAS armor. Plus I like the height gain. honest insanity had a Westerfield for awhile too.

If I wasn't going to make my own ODST helmet, I would definitly get theirs and modify it

Lskiv has the suit and my airsoft M6D now.
they inspired me on my needler...wich i made out of cardboard...in middle of night....(i get my best inspirations at nights) :hyper:
Ares said:
OoO....there also making ODST helmets soon!

Its done... well the prototype.

israelvalentine said:
Did anyone here buy there costume from westerfieldstudios?

Yes, well.... we both made it and i just payed for the plastic I used.
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