Westerfield Studio's Presents

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The Needler


Yeah i dont know i like em both.

I guess for me i would go with the one closest to the game. I need pics to comepare.
Wow, yah i was in touch with rob for sometime and he mentioned makin weapons. I actually kinda like that needler. He also said that he wouldnt ask for outrageous prices like "others" ( ? ) Guess i should give him a call and see what else hes got goin on :mrgreen:
Wow, Thats only $25 more than what it costs me to get my plexiglass cut.

I want to see this when you get it!

Interesting. :Steve:
No there not done with the needler that is actually the "prototype first one needler" if you will. So i told him id post it here so maybe one of there guys will come on and see the feedback.

I think the demon guy on this forum works there. Cant rememebr the name they gave me.
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