what a relief

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I primeried my helmet and I felt it looked undefined. (since much of the detailing is in the model's texture and not the normals). The white areas are from me sanding it down to the paper, trying to get rid of the ugly edges.

I used posterboard I had lying around since it was thicker (I also doubled it in some places) to give my helmet patterns that when painted and highlighted, will give my gelmet that extra umph it needs.

(the ribbing is from and old broken vaccum tube)

I am finished for now, and I'm going to resin and paint it for monday. Afterwards I will ad detail to my whole suit this way for halloween.





The back and top need some loving. Soon... soon.
o wow thats pretty smart. i wish i would have done that before i starting putting body filler on mine haha
it looks great i cant wait till see when its done
Unique Name said:
Awesome idea dude.

it's on my balcony waiting for the next resin coat to dry. Them some sanding and I'll show you how it looks.

Too bad it is so cold today, The dry time will be long. I have monday off so I am going to spend that painting.
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smilie120 said:
Hhmmm have you put any filler on there or anything?

Nope. But after primering it (it's drying now) I realize I should have. very small amounts to fill in the small cracks between the cardboard and the helmet. I might retouch it when I redo the helmet for halloween but all scupting is locked ATM since I have to finish the rest of the suit.

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I really rushed the paintjob on this guy to have it ready for tomorrow

I am going to do another helmet after this. Maybe sell this one off at the cost materials to fund the next one.

With the new techniques I have learned and the time to get an actual gold visor. I expect my next helmet to look as good as a molded one. For one the next helmet wont have that tell tale edge pattern that all pepakura suffers from. And I am going to scupt it with my new tools.

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