WHat? Another internet meetup? Impossible.


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Am I flooding the forums with internet meetup posts? maybe. Do I regret it? A little. AM I STILL GOING TO DO IT? YES!

This time we're going to hold a teaching event about foamcrafting! New to the craft? come on by! Just want to hang out? come on by!
Mountain welcomes all!

When: Friday the 23rd of October 4pm-8pm
Where: It already happened but keep an eye on the mountain regiment for the next meeting!
Who: 405th Mountain Regiment

Let me know if you have any questions!
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tahu505 the build will be the jf/para knee pads and the materials you will need are as follows:

-Hot glue or contact cement

-Eva foam

-Box cutter or Xacto knife

-pen or sharpie to trace

-Go to the armory download the halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-armor-1.6 click on mkv shin, then remove the tabs from the pepakura and for the top section of the knee pad go to change change scale to 609mm or 23.98in. Once you print the top section, head back to the set scale again and change it to 503mm or 19.80 in

That is everything you will need to follow along on the build see you at the online meetup!