What are u most looking forward to about halo 3

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well i dont want to finsh the fight yet still want to play more halo....and would love to see the AR in action again


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they said its supposed to be stronger than the smg and hold less ammo than the original. it will probably be more accurate also

Sean Bradley

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I think I'm most excited about the graphic upgrade...seeing Halo get the 360 treatment, with textures on everything and that water that Frankie has been talking about so much.

But as far as gameplay, I don't think it needs too much of a polish...That ManCannon sounds like alot of fun. I'll be pleased when I don't have to superbounce to get to high places to see everything. And the Mongoose will make CTF a whole new game entirely.

I'm really upset that there won't be online co-op though. :death:


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Course not. that was the whole hype with h2. even though it sucked, they will make it better. plus they got the whole control schme figured out
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