What are you looking forward of doing this Spring?


I start in internship with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and with a higher income combined with over a week of spring break, I can hopefully make it close to completing my ODST armor.

Hein B287

Getting started on buying my own place. Lots of financial stuf to sort out what my budget would be. Then its of to finding the right house.

What i mostly look forward to is to make a workspace so i can continue at a better pace on my armor

Sierra Charlie

Jr Member
Btw, anyone has tips or suggestions for Denver - Las Vegas road trip? I'm following this itinerary. Road trip loop: A unique Denver / Las Vegas itinerary
Not sure about the route there for some checkpoints, etc.
Long road trips Im good at. Ive done San Diego to Chicago, Chicago to New Hampshire and back, and Chicago to Savannah GA and back. Stock up on snacks, have a co-pilot, as itll help. Podcasts pre-downloaded, and might want to see the cell coverage for your trip, cause having service can be pretty useful. I'd also try to find a good place to stop and take a break if you're not driving straight through. If you're looking for a safe area, well lit rest stops are always key, since most states require State Patrol to do a pass every couple of hours or so depending on the state
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