What are you playin at the moment??

grid 187

I'm on assassin's creed, damn that game is crazy!! a brief break from COD4!! hehe halo 3 every other hour!!! Armor biulding....NO COMMENT!!! :p


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I'm flopping back and forth between TimeShift and Halo 3 at the moment. I really want to play Assassin's Creed soon. Stupid GameFly doesn't have enough copies of all the new releases.


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Im still waiting for my 360 to get back from the repair center, if it does. So I'm occupying myself with GH3 for the wii.
I need to pick up Timeshift, NFSPS, Mass Effect. but ive been playing Rumble roses xx, and halo 3. As well as CSS for pc, and Gmod. Thinking about picking up Gow for pc, or just get a bootleg copy.
Sarge Christi said:
I've been absorbed by COD4.

WOW, you are the only female I know that is into video games, and costuming. props to you! I really like how you are different in a sense. Like NO OTHER girl in my school likes to play video games and make costumes.
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i rented cod4 but i bought it but now i have to wait for Christmas to play it but i mostly playing assassins creed and halo 3


Panton6 said:
:( dont have a 360. and my friends 360 got the 3 rings of death :p
Lol, my condolences. Bro got COD4 for his 360. Finished single player within 5 hours. His 360's network is screwed though so i can't play online. Saving to buy it on PC. One of the downside of being young, not a lot of money
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playing mass effect right now, kinda been neglecting my poor halo 3 cd by not playing it lately, been busy lol, u know armor and stuff :p

i think assassins creed is next on my gamefly list tho :D